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IMS has the well sought after Merlin Award and the world's largest magic learning DVD library with over 300 volumes for our members to enjoy!

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Merlin Award

The Merlin Award to magic is what the Oscar is to the movies.

Some of the winners of the Merlin Award are:

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Every three years, the International Magicians Society hosts a banquet dinner, where those magicians who have acheived the highest level in their craft are awarded the coveted Merlin Award.

At this banquet IMS begins with approximately one hundred names and narrows down to a handful. The criteria that IMS considers are talent, showmanship, originality, skills, and above all the rare ability to entertain under any conditions.

In addition to the banquet, in the other years the CEO of IMS travels from the USA to the magician’s country to make the presentation, generally involving the media.

The Merlin Award was designed to promote the magic and the magician to the general public.

A good example of this is Siegfried & Roy using their Merlin Award win on their billboards all over Las Vegas, as well as the marquee billboard on The Mirage Hotel & Casino. David Copperfield uses his Merlin Award in his live shows; before his shows begin, a large projection shows his awards and in large letters, “Magician of The Century, by the International Magicians Society“ is shown over and over again. And Criss Angel uses it quite often in his TV shows, his live show at The Luxor, and his magic set.

Also, the Merlin Award is designed to help magicians to negotiate for their next contract, which quite often becomes a good negotiation tool.

The Merlin Award statue was commitioned to over 100 art students nationwide. The winning design was carved and created in 1968 by young New York University art student Carol Michaud.

For more information on receiving the this award see the Merlin Award section

The Magic Academy

IMS Magic Academy has the world's largest magic learning DVD library with over 300 volumes!

When IMS first began the Magic Academy Course of Magic in December of 1992, IMS had one idea in mind; to create the finest course of magic on video. A format that provides you with the knowledge and secrets that the old Masters spent a life-time learning. Today you do not have to spend a life-time. It is all yours on a si

lver plater, so that you can go further and faster in magic. And with the Magic Academy Course of Magic now on DVD, you have instant access to any performance, demonstration, and explanation!

The I.M.S. Magic Academy Course of Magic consists of 50 volumes. Each volume features a Master Magician, sharing with you the knowledge and secrets that took him a life-time to learn. One volume (#38) even features Stage Hypnotism.

The I.M.S. Magic Academy Course of Magic fills a need that is long overdue. This course, similar to other correspondence, has rules, regulations and guidelines.

  1. This Course will never be sold to the general public. It is ONLY available to the members of International Magicians Society.
  2. The price of each video is kept affordable so that even a young child, who is a member of I.M.S., can buy the volumes.

FINALLY, with the acquistion of the complete 50 Volume Course, the I.M.S. member is eligible to take a written and practical exam for the DOCTOR of MAGIC or D.M. DEGREE.